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12 pm Friday 18
04   April 2014


Hello people,

I’m so sorry that the corners of this ‘ere website have been gathering a few cobwebs of late. We intend to do something about that soon enough…but rest assured, the radio silence has meant the exact opposite behind closed doors. Since before X’mas 2012 we have been meeting on average 3 times a week to collaborate on every member’s song ideas.

Gauging from the amount of material we have to start with, it is sure to be a long and intensive process over the next few months which will see us take all our ideas, ranging from embryonic to fully realised, and make them worthy of consideration in the track-selection-line-up for Mamas Gun album number III.

Seeing as the weeks will be peppered with gigs (London and Europe) we’ve also got to somehow remember to play a lot of our older songs and make Cameron ‘Cambroseph Desdiphinia’ Dawson feel truly inducted into the MG hall of shame.

It’s a time of chrysalis in the MG camp, one which we hope will give flight to another exciting and colourful chapter in the band’s story. The past 6 months ain’t been easy but then again that’s all part of the privilege.

Here’s to a glittering 2013 for the band known as Mamas Gun and for everyone who’s ever been there with us.